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Three ways we can work together

Manage e-Learning for me

Trevor, I don't have an LMS and I want to get space I can manage on your LMS and Content Creation System. You'll supply us but most importantly train us to create our own content.

Help me fly

Trevor, I don't have an LMS but I want my own. You will purchase it for me and put my content on there so I become fully independent. I understand you may earn an affiliate fee .

Supply me with content

Trevor, I already have an LMS and would like you to create and export a course to my LMS as a SCORM or TinCan/API. I understand I may need to return to you for edits and updates.

Jum into e-learning

Jump-in to e-Learning

Learn the ropes, brush up on e‑Learning essentials. Learn how to create your own courses like those below. I’m Trevor Davies and I’m transferring years of face-to-face training experience into e-Learning. Join me as I go and I will guide you on your way to building e-Learning courses your learners will love.

Getting Started With Coassemble

Getting Started With Coassemble

Hi there! Welcome to the Getting Started With Coassemble Course. This Course consists of 3 modules: a Lesson, an Assignment, and a Quiz. Click the ‘Start Course’ button to get started. Remember that along the way you can click on the little hamburger menu at the top of your screen to navigate between modules as…

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Become an e-Learning maestro

Teach what you love. I can help to give you the tools and the platform to create courses that you can put online.

Trevor Davies e-learning
It's time for new opportunities

Let me help develop your staff and audience together to deliver change with you. Reasonable costs, shared goals and win-win results.

I suffered acute Covid-19 and long Covid. This is my way of getting back to good health and finding ways I can still help others.
Be nice! Help me develop this website constructively!

This not a college website, there are no professional qualifications – just my experience over 40 years working in the non-profit and media sectors across Africa


What do you want to achieve with eLearning? The more specific the goal, the more likely you are to make it happen. There must always be a goal. It’s the same with digital learning — there’s no sense in using it just because it is fashionable. If you’ve opened this page, it means that you already realise why you and your organisation needs online training. Just try to transform your idea into a clear objective.

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