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Frequently Asked Questions

This site is my ‘sandbox’ where I play and experiment. Everything is free as I’m basically testing things out. You are welcome to try everything, download, repurpose it etc. I’ll have a formal fee paying site coming soon called

Yes! I like to work with organisations that are about change. My day rate is US$300 but make a compelling case to me (particularly if you are grassroots and community based and we can talk.

The short answer is yes, in some cases. I’ve found ways to do things that are eiher free or cheap. You can pay ridiculous prices for Rolls-Royce applications. I love them! Lets get real though, we can achieve things a lot cheaper!

A combination of both if you wish. I’ve had Covid-19, suffering long Covid symptoms still but Ive been vaccinated now (Pfizer), I love to work with communities and we can talk!

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