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Group enrollment link benefits

Once you’ve created training content in Coassemble, you can share it immediately with a single share link. But what if you have multiple training courses you want to share in an instant?

Group enrollment links leverage our learner group function. By adding learners to a group, all content connected to that group can be shared upon enrollment. This can dramatically accelerate training delivery by letting you sort training content by groups. So how would that look in your organization?

Say you have a new country officer onboarding. You want them to have access to the onboarding training all new team members take, but you also want to get them started with CO-specific content. First, you’ll go into your Coassemble dashboard and create a group called “CO Training”. Then tag all your training content that’s CO-related. Now click on the group and grab a group enrollment link. Boom! That new member of the team will receive all of the training they need in one online course.


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